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VocabularyUpdated 9 months ago


Content (including text, images and colors) of a printed product, also referred to as your design. This is supplied print-ready in an electronic format (PDF file is preferred) with every order.


The area past the trim edge or finished size of a printed product. 


An abbreviation for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (K = key, black) – the four process (or ‘full color’) inks.

Digital Output

A print process that uses a digital production machine and toner.  

A piece of aluminum used to create wax seals, which is recycled after your order.

The process of cutting products to a custom shape using a die. 


An accurate representation or outline of a shape that is required for custom die-cut jobs, or image placement (vector format).

Digital Proof

An electronic file of the product artwork that is supplied for approval prior to production. 


Abbreviation for “Dots Per Inch”.

Finished Size

The size that represents a fully produced end product; also referred to as trimmed, folded, or "finish size" of a wax seal with wax edge.

LB / Pound / Point

A unit of measure for paper thickness.

Pantone / PMS

Pantone is a company that offers standardization for colors. Their colors are standard for the print industry.


The stage of a print process where files are prepared for printing. At Artisaire this is where Prepress operators or designers review files and determine if it is setup correctly for print. 


An electronic file that has been set up and designed using standard print specifications. Common specifications to considered are color mode (CMYK), bleed, and image resolution.


The clarity, sharpness, and overall quality of an image. The recommended resolution of an image for print is 300 dpi.


Red, Green, Blue. A color mode for screen display and web images.


Refers to the total number of artwork / designs (front and back) printed in the same size and on the same paper stock.

Single Sheet  

A stock that is flat and not folded.


Another word for paper that is generally used interchangeably.


Predetermined artwork or guide that include standard print-ready specifications for proper file setup.

Trim Size

The dimensions that exactly represents a fully produced end product.


Time required to complete a print order. Most orders at Artisaire will ship within 4 business days, unless you have selected our Rush Service.


A type of paper stock that has no finish or coating and has a raw and natural texture.

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