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Wax Seal InformationUpdated 10 months ago

Are your wax seals mailable?
Yes, our wax seals are mailable. This is due to our specially formulated sealing wax that resists the stresses mailing can cause.

Are your wax seals made with molds?
No, we don't use any molds. Every wax seal is individually made by an artisan in our studio.

What is your sealing wax made from?
We use a blend of waxes, pigments, and a flexibility additive to make our sealing wax. As our formula is proprietary to us we are unable to provide more information.

Our Artisan Blend is perfect for flat application projects.
Our HiFlex Blend is made for curved surface application projects.

What is the difference between HiFlex and Artisan?

Our HiFlex blend is a highly flexible sealing wax recipe that is best for curved surface application. Our Artisan Blend is the same blend you know and love from that is best for flat surface application.

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